Frozen Raw Food for Dogs


We believe that a diet consisting of raw food for dogs is the best healthy feeding choice pet parents can make for their furry family members - that's why The Healthy Dog Store carries several different brands and varieties to meet every dietary and feeding situation. From frozen "meat only" raw, to frozen raw dinner mixes including fruits and vegetables, to freeze-dried and dehydrated raw for situations where frozen may not be a practical option - The Healthy Dog Store, stocking raw food in Tottenham, offers several formats, varieties, and flavours. In addition to the general nutritional health benefits of feeding raw, it also helps maintain good oral health and prevent tartar build-up which has health benefits beyond just good teeth. Check out this article by Dr. Becker presented by the Mercola team as an example.

The Healthy Dog Store has several raw food options, come by the store and check us out.

  • Frozen barnyard variety meats (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Beef) are available as 1/2-pound patties or ~1oz medallions, with or without fruits and vegetables. Although we keep these items in stock they sell quickly, so please call or email ahead for larger orders.
  • Frozen specialty meats such as Salmon, Chicken/Salmon mix, Elk, Duck, Goose, Rabbit, Beaver, Venison, Pheasant, etc. may only be available in frozen tubs or freeze-dried packs.
  • Most frozen meat options are also available in freeze-dried or dehydrated packs as well - just add water.

So make the switch today to great healthy raw food available for pickup at The Healthy Dog Store open 6 days a week.

The Healthy Dog Store is one of the best places to buy raw food in New Tecumseth

Are you just starting the switch to frozen raw?  Here is some information based on questions we often get in the store - feel free to send us a note if you have any other questions.

  • How much do I need, how much should I feed?  The typical recommendation is to feed 2.5-3% of the dog's target "ideal" body weight per day, so a 5 lb. box of frozen raw food will feed a 25 lb. dog for about a week.  Feed more for growing dogs, active dogs, or dogs that need to gain some weight.  Feed less for overweight, older, and less-active dogs.
  • Do I need to cook the food before feeding?  NO!!!  Thaw in the fridge and then feed.  The food will remain good in the fridge for 2-3 days if you have a smaller dog that only requires a portion of a patty or tub per meal.  Typically raw dog food contains bone and bone fragments (this is a good thing).  Cooking bone makes it hard and brittle and more likely to splinter. As well, temperatures above 70-75'C (160-170'F) will destroy helpful and healthy enzymes in the meat.
  • Is there Taurine added to raw food?  Taurine is found in meat and meat products.  Since raw food is meat, there is no need to add Taurine.  The addition of Taurine to pet food (especially for cats) is usually required in kibble due to the low content of actual meat in many brands of kibble.

The Healthy Dog Store tries to source local product whenever possible, therefore the bulk of what we offer is Artisan made using Canadian sourced and humanely raised raw product.  Our objective is to provide you dog food of the highest and healthiest level, while maintaining an affordable price-point.